Something’s Going On

Claudia's First Day

Claudia’s First Day

If I had a blog, today I would tell you that something’s going on “out there.” I don’t know who or what is causing it or even exactly what it means, but the older I get, the more I am certain Hamlet knew what he was talking about when he said, “There is more in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.”

To wit: One year ago, well after dark, I got a phone call from my brother, David, wondering if I was interested in another rescue cat. Given that we live in the country, finding a lost kitten isn’t all that amazing, but what got me was the fact that this is the second time a kitten found me through my brother. David is terribly allergic to cats, or his house would be full of cats instead of mine, but cats are obviously drawn to him. This night, David was walking his yellow lab, Hank, when a tea-cup sized calico kitten came boldly striding across the yard, meowing to beat the band. David and my sister-in-law, Kindra, scooped her up at once and called me, the keeper of cats.

Sawyer's First Day - May 2009

Sawyer’s First Day – May 2009

Now jump back four years, to warm spring evening. My phone rang and it was David asking the cat question for the first time. He and Kindra had gone out to eat and were accosted by a wee black kitten, hidden in the shrubs outside the restaurant. They checked with the clientele of the establishment and no one was missing a feline, so I got the call and Sawyer came into my life. I’d wanted a cat for a long time, but my life was so busy I wasn’t sure the timing was right. Thus, I sent word to the Powers-That-Be that I was open to getting a cat, but I’d wait until they provided one in need. That was in March and Sawyer appeared in May.

Looking For A Friend

Looking For A Friend

This time around, I’d made a similar plea to The PTB. Sawyer was happy enough, but he seemed lonely and I thought a companion might improve his life. I tried bringing one of my barn cats to the house and that failed miserably. Sawyer turned into a black panther and Miranda into a lioness before I took her back home. I turned the situation over once again and a year later, Claudia Jean arrived.

Little Miss Independent

Little Miss Independent

The early days were tenuous. I’d named Claudia after Claudia Jean Cregg, the press-secretary on The West Wing,  and my Claudia certainly lived up to her name. Intrepid and no nonsense, little Claudia took charge of her world right from the start. I kept Claudie in an upside-down play-pen and kept Sawyer in his room unless I was there to supervise, but it soon became evident that Claudia could and would take care of herself. There was a lot of hissing and boxing at the start , but I persevered and one evening, about a month later, Claudia and Sawyer began to play. At first it was mostly Claudia jumping on Sawyer and him running off. I knew we’d made the last hurdle the day I watched Sawyer initiate a game of tag by stalking Claudie around the play-pen.

Peaceful Days

Peaceful Days

One year in, my two house cats are thick as thieves. They play together, sleep together, eat together, and wreck havoc together. Its worked out better than I ever imagined and I believe I have a Higher Power to thank.

Beautiful Baby Claudia

Beautiful Baby Claudia

In blogs to come, I will talk about some bigger synchronicities, real life-changing events, but the Gift of Cats gives me a touchstone, a reminder that life is more than simply what we see. Happy Anniversary Claudia Jean and thank you, Powers-That-Be for bringing such lovely creatures into my life.

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