Renewing My Vows

If I had a blog, today I would write about my morning of dancing in the rain.

Today I renewed my baptismal vows; not standing in a baptistery or having my forehead sprinkled before a congregation, nor even being immersed, as I was the first time, in the river that crosses our farm. Today I renewed my vows in a deluge of summer rain.

Rain's Happy Place

Rain’s Happy Place

I’d been cleaning at the barn all morning and was covered from head-to-toe in sweat and dust, which was rapidly turning to mud as it collected in the crook of my arm and in the creases round my neck. I was wrapping up my morning’s work when it began to sprinkle and I hurried to get the horses settled in their fresh, clean stalls. By the time I had all five horses ensconced in the barn, the sky opened up and down came the rain! Raindrops danced merrily on the tin roof of the barn and the gutters overflowed like waterfalls. I stood in the doorway, breathing in the sweet air when an impulse to run out into the downpour overwhelmed me. The grown-up side of my brain protested, “You’ll get all wet!” but it was too tempting, to rare an opportunity to let it pass my by. I slipped off my sweaty clothes and dashed out into the storm. I lifted my face skyward to receive the cool water as it rushed from the sky. I could almost hear the drops sizzle as they landed on my sweaty skin. Muddy rivulets ran down my arms and legs, carrying away the grit and grime of my morning labors, and by the time the rain slowed to a sprinkle, I was washed clean – in more ways than one.

Life has been busy the last few weeks (months, years…) and once again, I’ve let the cares of the world take precedence over my time in Nature’s care. I’ve been wrapped up in my day-job as a financial officer for a dental clinic, in issues with my own finances, and petty worries about day-to-day living that have driven me to distraction. I’ve taken a moment here and there to say, “Hello,” to the magnificent spider who lives in the garden and I’ve been aware that the barn swallows and purple martins have left for southern climes,  but I haven’t taken time just to sit and let Nature envelop me, comfort and soothe me and that is what I need.

Diamond Drops

Diamond Drops

The sun is shining now, making the world sparkle as if bedecked with diamonds. Standing on the patio, listening to the chickadees and titmice converse as they preen their rain-soaked wings, I renew my baptismal vows to Mother Earth: I promise, my Mother, to come to you with my worries and fears and lay them at your feet. I promise to spend time in the cathedral of the forest when my heart is low so I may become part of the Green World, where peace and joy abound. Above all, I promise to renew my vows more often, to set aside my daily round and give in to my heart’s desire when it calls me out to play in a deluge of silver summer rain.

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